Extention in Salford

The project involved extending the rear of a residential property in Salford to create additional living space. The client's goal was to increase the size of their kitchen and living room, while also creating a new dining area that would be suitable for entertaining guests.

The extension was designed to complement the existing architecture of the property and blend seamlessly with the surrounding area. The project was completed with great attention to detail, and the finished result is a beautiful, functional space that the client can enjoy for years to come.

The extension included the installation of large, bi-folding doors that lead out onto a new patio area, allowing natural light to flood the space and creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. The new kitchen features modern, high-end appliances and sleek, contemporary finishes, while the new dining area boasts an elegant, custom-built table and ample seating for entertaining.

Throughout the project, the Dream construction team worked closely with the client to ensure that their needs and preferences were fully met. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the client was thrilled with the final result.

Overall, this rear extension project in Salford , Manchester was a great success, and has added significant value and functionality to the client's home

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